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Parts Compatibility Launches on eBay Motors Parts & Accessories

eBay Motors

As anticipated an AB post just went up over on the eBay General Announcement board.

Parts compatibility is a more efficient way for you to list parts that fit many vehicles. You no longer have to create and manage many listings, or include the names of all compatible vehicles in the listing title to help buyers find a part that fits. Instead, just create one listing describing a single part and add an extensive list of compatible vehicles under the new Compatibility tab in the listing description. The information you add to the Compatibility tab is searchable.

You can read about it over on the eBay Developer Blog too.

You can check out the site here: http://apps.motors.ebay.com/compatibility/

The Certified Provider link is here: http://certifiedprovider.ebay.com/compatibility.html

Parts compatibility can help you:

* Save on listing time and Insertion Fees. With parts compatibility, you don’t have to list one part multiple times to ensure all compatible vehicles appear in search—a huge savings in Insertion Fees and time spent managing and creating listings.
* Get a boost in search results. Listings with parts compatibility information will get an extra boost in search results. Since eBay uses information from both the Compatibility tab and your title to match the buyer’s search, you can now dedicate all 55 characters in your title for popular keywords like brand name and part number. Your listing will show up in more—and more relevant—buyer searches.
* Gain more satisfied buyers. Parts compatibility helps increase buyers’ confidence that they’re purchasing parts that will fit their vehicles, and also helps reduce questions and returned items.


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By Richard Brewer-Hay

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