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A Crash Course in eBay Shipping: The Best Ways to Print Labels

At eBay, all of our engineers try to stay as connected to the customer as we can. We buy and sell on ebay.com and actively use the marketplace to identify how we can continuously improve the overall experience. By “being the customer,” we can better represent users during the planning, development and testing processes and figure out the best ways to use eBay’s features.

Here are some of the features I’ve personally found to be the most useful:

eBay has great partnerships with carriers and we get lots of useful discounts on labels.

  • Sellers who use FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, FedEx SmartPost and FedEx International can save up to 37% when they use these services for their shipping through eBay labels. You can get all the details of service options and rates here: FedEx labels for eBay.
  • Similarly, eBay sellers can get great discounts from USPS and these go up if you have larger transaction volume or are a top-rated seller. USPS also provides comprehensive end-to-end package tracking and notifications for delivery to augment your shipping experience. For details on these savings, you can check USPS savings with eBay.
  • UPS is another carrier eBay sellers get great savings with, including up to 32% off standard UPS rates. For more information: UPS savings with eBay

FedEx and USPS:

You can print labels for USPS and FedEx on eBay.com by going to the My eBay tab: eBay Labels How To.

  • First, go to your sold items in My eBay and click the “Print shipping label” link next to the sold item
  • Verify the order information is correct and then select the carrier and service you want to use
  • There are some options you can select at this point, including mailing date, printer type, printing receipt, show postage cost on label, print sku/order number on label, delivery options such as “Signature Confirmation” or “Add Insurance”


One cool option I want to call out here is adding a custom message to the buyer on packing slip. This is a neat way to personalize and really make the shipment your own. You can also preview your label before actually paying for it to confirm all the information is correct. Once you have reviewed the information, just hit “Pay and Print” and you are done!


Need more reasons to use eBay shipping labels? First off, you can reprint a label anytime free of charge and you can also void your labels within a given time period (if it hasn’t been used) — all from the My eBay screen. Second, your order will automatically be “Marked as Shipped” and upload your tracking number into eBay. This information is also available to the buyer, which gives them peace of mind.

Personally, before listing an item, I like to research shipping services on the standalone Shipping Calculator so I can get an idea of how much I am saving with eBay’s special rates (a calculator is also integrated into the label flow itself but I like to do my research beforehand). And because I am lazy (and to cut down on my handling time), I like to order the eBay cobranded Free USPS Boxes and do all my packaging right at home. After that all I have to do is schedule a Free USPS pickup online. After that, I leave my buyer great feedback for their timely payment and I am good to go.  This stuff works great for sellers like me who only sell a few items a month. For mid-sized sellers, the bulk label flow is a better bet. For our larger sellers, you may need to use APIs to integrate with your system to really automate shipments. This is a topic I will explore further in a future post, so don’t forget to keep checking back!

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By Farah Ali


Jagrut Mehta

2014-01-28 12:03:41 Reply

I would like to add that we also have a bulk shipping label tool for USPS where seller can print multiple USPS shipping labels in one go. Pricing are same and it saves time to print multiple labels.

There are multiple entrypoints

For non-selling manager/selling manager pro:

1. Go to your Awaiting shipment container/sold container
2. Select orders/transactions you want USPS labels
3. Click on “Print Shipping Labels”

From Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro:

1. Go to your Awaiting shipment/sold container
2. Select orders you want to print
3. Click on “Shipping Action” dropdown and “Print shipping labels or invoices”

If you want to print all “Avaiting shipment” transaction, below is the link you can use directly


    Farah Ali

    2014-01-28 13:26:23 Reply

    Great call out Jagrut! For our readers: Jagrut is a key member of the dev team in Shipping actually implementing these cool features. Bulk labels is a very useful feature especially for some of our larger volume sellers and definitely a feature I plan to discuss in more detail in future posts.


2014-01-31 02:50:04 Reply

Could you get anybody from Germany to extend your post for that country? Thanks!

    Farah Ali

    2014-02-04 14:02:21 Reply

    We are actually currently looking to integrate with some carriers in Germany, so keep any eye out for updates in the coming months!


2014-02-12 19:26:13 Reply

If I use a 3rd party shipping tool do I qualify for the discounted shipping?

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