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Change Happens: Learning to Evolve with Your Business
/ November 2, 2011 4 COMMENTS

Changes…they happen in every business, yet it seems they are particularly painful for eBay sellers even when the change is for the better! I’ve been on eBay (Udderlygoodstuff) almost since it’s inception. Thirteen years ago I dove into this wonderful new web experience as a novice. Many people talk about the good old days of eBay, let me see if I remember this right.

Nobody Cares About Us Little Guys…It's Not Fair!
/ August 5, 2011 13 COMMENTS

Did that title grab your attention for the wrong reason? By that, I mean were you thinking this was going to be all about how eBay isn’t for small sellers and were you thinking finally, someone is listening! Well sorry to disappoint, it’s not. Although I must say, not much more than a year ago…

Danni Ackerman