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Cassini: A New Search Engine for a New Identity
Cassini: A New Search Engine for a New Identity

Earlier this June, eBay rolled out its new search engine, Cassini, to all web users in North America. Now, Wired magazine has recognized the achievement, calling Cassini a “new engine for a new identity.”

As writer Marcus Wohlsen notes, back in 2008, eBay had lost its innovation mojo. Searches for “iPods” on the site led to results pages featuring cars and the company overall was in a turnaround. To jump start the search technology, eBay, led by Vice President of Experience and Search Hugh Williams, launched the Cassini project to provide consumers with a more targeted shopping experience.

The results speak for themselves.

“Users of the site won’t notice any obvious cosmetic changes announcing something new under the hood,” Wohlsend writes. “But eBay hopes they will notice a dramatic narrowing of the gap between wanting and finding. If its engineers were truly successful, eBay will even start showing them the things they want before they know they want them.”

Cassini “could really bend the curve of innovation at eBay,” Williams says. “It’s a platform on which we’ll be able to do amazing things.”

Photo: Wired.com

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