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eBay Now Expands to Desktop

Enjoy the ease of using eBay Now, eBay’s local shopping app, but wish you could also place orders through your laptop?

Now you can. eBay Now announced Monday it was expanding to the desktop, moving closer to making its “store to door” shopping experience available on all screens. As they do on the app, desktop users can browse for products from stores like Macy’s, Home Depot and Target at http://now.ebay.com, place an order online and have their items delivered to a specified location, usually within the hour.

eBay Now currently delivers to  three cities — San Francisco, New York and San Jose — and expands to the Bay Area Peninsula, Brooklyn and Queens today.  It will debut in Chicago and Dallas later this summer.

“We are using our mobile leadership to lead in multi-screen,” says Dane Glasgow, Vice President, Local and Mobile at eBay. “We want to make every screen shoppable, and eBay Now is the latest example of how we’re bringing that to life.”

Glasgow adds that his team developed eBay Now for the desktop based on consumer usage and demand. “More than half our orders are made between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. when our customers are usually at work,”he says. “We want to make it easy for consumers to access eBay Now on any device.”

Consumers have asked for large, visually rich experiences to browse, a feature that is highlighted on the desktop experience. Retailers are placedfront and center  on the site, as eBay saw that consumers liked to shop by store on eBay Now.

Local shopping experiences, whether experienced on a smartphone or desktop, still represent an enormous opportunity for merchants. Forrester Research notes that 90% of all shopping is still done today in physical stores, and the U.S. Census notes that 75% of that retailspend happens within 15 miles of where a consumer lives. Through eBay Now and other innovations coming later this year (such as the integration of in-store pickup onto eBay.com and a new shopping experience that connecta consumers to small businesses in local neighborhoods), eBay is providing another channel for retailers to reach customers, while giving consumers additional choice in where, when and how they shop.

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By eBay Inc. Editors

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