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On TV: ‘Inside eBay: A Bloomberg West Special’
On TV: ‘Inside eBay: A Bloomberg West Special’

Television reporters from Bloomberg West visited eBay Inc. headquarters in San Jose, Calif., for a live broadcast of today’s show, an in-depth look at our business.

The special, entitled “Inside eBay: A Bloomberg West Special,” took a look at various businesses within eBay Inc. as well as the company’s recent innovations such as digital storefronts and PayPal Beacon, interviewing a slate of company executives, including eBay Inc. CEO and President John Donahoe.

The reporters visited the state-of-the-art Commerce Innovation Showcase, which displays how eBay Inc. innovations can be integrated into the retail shopping experience; and ordered an item from eBay Now that was delivered by an eBay Now valet on set within an hour.

“This is such an interesting company. People think eBay is one thing, and it’s something very different than it was 10 years ago,” said Cory Johnson, editor at large.

“It’s never been a better time to be a consumer. Technology is changing how consumers are able to shop,” Donahoe told anchor Emily Chang. He spoke of the boom in mobile commerce over the recent Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and the digital storefronts and one-hour delivery.

“We’re focusing on things that will change consumers’ experience today,” he said.

Donahoe and PayPal President David Marcus emphasized the importance of mobile payments to the overall business, complementing the core Marketplaces unit.

“People love shopping, but they hate paying,” Marcus noted, pointing out that with Beacon, consumers don’t even have to pull out their wallets. The recent acquisition of Braintree, the mobile payments processer notably used by companies such as Airbnb, OpenTable and Uber, ensures that PayPal will be able to offer the best experiences consumers when they pay with their mobile devices.

The episode also touched on how StubHub aims to create great fan experiences and eBay Inc.’s drive to recruit and retain the best and brightest from a diverse pool.

Bloomberg West covers technology, innovation and the future of business in the Western United States.

Watch an archived video of “Inside eBay: A Bloomberg West Special,” on Bloomberg TV’s website.

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By Cicely Wedgeworth

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