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PayPal Takes Your Security Seriously

(This post originally appeared at the PayPal Forward blog.)

At PayPal the security of your personal and financial information is our top priority. From our customer service department to the teams creating new products, security is always top of mind.

By now, many of you have read about the difficult situation one of our customers faced with regard to his online and social identity.

As we do with all incidents of this nature, we immediately began an investigation to understand the details of the case. While it is against our policies to discuss details related to our customers’ accounts, we did want to provide at least a few facts publicly.

  • We have carefully reviewed our records and can confirm that there was a failed attempt made to gain this customer’s information by contacting PayPal.
  • PayPal did not divulge any credit card details related to this account.
  • PayPal did not divulge any personal or financial information related to this account.
  • This individual’s PayPal account was not compromised.

Our customer service agents are well trained to prevent, social hacking attempts like the ones detailed in this blog post.

We are personally reaching out to the customer to see if we can assist him in any way.

We work constantly to ensure that PayPal’s validation and security processes are amongst the best in the industry and encourage our customers to be aware of the simple steps they can take to help prevent these types of crimes. You will find helpful in

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