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Stamp Out Checks for GOOD!
Stamp Out Checks for GOOD!

Safe and easy digital transactions have changed how we pay for everything – so much that it can be hard to remember what shopping for a sweater or buying lunch was like, even just 10 years ago. But if you get nostalgic for that bygone era, just think about your last charitable donation.

If you’re like most Americans, you probably wrote a check. It’s shocking, but traditional methods of giving – like written checks– still make up the majority of donations today.

Yes, most organizations already accept online gifts – more than 300,000 used PayPal last year – and online is the fastest growing segment of fundraising. Plus online and mobile giving empowers donors to give wherever and whenever, and often get more control and transparency into how the gift is used. And of course online gifts save the nonprofit and the donor time and money too. But despite all of that, the majority of donations still involve receiving and sending paper in the mail. Wow.

So to change this dynamic, and to make your holiday giving easier, we invite you to join us and Stamp Out Checks…for GOOD. Make a digital donation from December 3rd to 31st through our campaign at StampOutChecks.com. With a simple click, you can take a break from all the holiday shopping and connect to one of thousands of charities, both big and small.

When you give through the site, 100% of your gift will go directly to the nonprofit you support. In addition, from #GivingTuesday (December 3) to December 31st, we are adding $5.52 – the cost of a year’s worth stamps – to every donation of $25 or more.

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By Clam Lorenz

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