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Introducing eBay In Demand
/ October 29, 2008 6 COMMENTS

Another demo I received at the eBay Innovation Demo Expo last week was eBay In Demand. The difference between eBay In Demand and a number of the other demos I viewed is that this one is now live on the site – albeit in limited Beta.

We have a Cross-Border Trade Team… who knew?
/ April 8, 2008 26 COMMENTS

I received a number of questions regarding cross-border trade practices in the first few days of the blog and, over the weekend, Scot Wingo proposed in eBay Strategies that “Confusion abounds over eBay’s new International Visibility Offering” so I decided to go off on my first recon mission. One of the initial questions raised on…

/ April 2, 2008 113 COMMENTS

… to yet another corporate blog. Last month an interview ran on FORTUNE Small Business online that captured a discussion I had with beat reporter Brandi Stewart regarding the launch of the new eBay corporate blog you are now reading. In it, I emphasized my goal to be as honest and open as possible –…