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eBay Recognized As Most Trusted Company for Privacy
/ September 16, 2009 0 COMMENTS

Privacy and information management research firm Ponemon Institute along with Internet privacy leader TRUSTe have named eBay the 2009 Most Trusted Company for Privacy, citing the company as proof that an e-commerce site can protect consumer privacy while handling massive volumes of sensitive data across the globe. eBay moved from #2 overall last year to…

UPDATED – An Anatomy of Fraud: Don’t Let it Happen to You
/ January 6, 2009 31 COMMENTS

Hi everyone, As a former law enforcement officer this kind of fraud really makes me cringe because it could have been easily avoided! Recently we learned about a woman who was victimized by a fraudster because she didn’t realize that there is no relationship between Craigslist and eBay postings, and did not follow eBay’s general…

Microsoft IE Security Update
/ December 18, 2008 0 COMMENTS

Hi Everyone, It has become increasingly important to protect your computer against exploits and viruses by regularly updating your browser and operating system. Yesterday, Microsoft released the latest critical patch for a recently detected vulnerability, that allows unsafe web pages to insert malware onto your computer. This can wreak havoc by stealing user names, passwords…

eBay “Lays Down the Law” at 4th Annual Training Event
/ November 24, 2008 0 COMMENTS

Hello Everyone, I wanted to give you a quick look into a very interesting event that I attended this past Tuesday, November 18: eBay’s fourth annual, one-day training event for law enforcement officials. Over 100 federal, state and local U.S. law enforcement officers from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, U.S Postal Service, the U.S….