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Video: eBay Seller Release: Spring 2011
/ March 15, 2011 2 COMMENTS

Among other things, for consumers, we will see free auction listings, up to 50 per month, including a free Buy It Now option. For Stores and Fixed Price sellers, we’ll see reduced final value fee rates that will be applied to the total amount of sale—including shipping; and a new eBay shopping cart will be the way to shop for all buyers later this summer.

VIDEO interview: Todd Lutwak on Enhancements to new eBay Feedback and Duplicate Listing Policy #ebaynews
/ September 21, 2010 1 COMMENTS

VP of seller and buyer experience, Dinesh Lathi has a couple of posts up on the eBay Announcement Board: 1. Enhancements to Feedback & Buyer Protection to Help Sellers 2. New Policy to Improve Search for Buyers and Boost Exposure for Sellers. There is a third AB post too: 3. New Ways to Shop for…

VIDEO interview with eBay's Todd Lutwak regarding today's #eBaySR announcement #ebaynews
/ July 13, 2010 1 COMMENTS

I sat down with Todd Lutwak, VP of Seller Experience for eBay earlier today to talk about the initial feedback we’ve been hearing coming out of the third and final Seller Release of 2010. Here you go… Cheers, RBH

VIDEO: Todd Lutwak discusses the eBay Seller Announcement
/ July 31, 2009 9 COMMENTS

All, I’ve been hoping to start introducing more video to the blog. So when I had some questions for Todd Lutwak coming out of this week’s eBay Marketplace seller announcement, rather than publish a written account of his answers, I thought it best to just have him answer on camera. I was unable to meet…

Changes to eBay Marketplace; 5 Minutes with… Todd Lutwak
/ April 15, 2009 4 COMMENTS

Given the eBay Marketplace news yesterday, I thought I’d take advantage of sitting down with some of the folks on the team and see if I could get them to give us some new “5 Minutes with…” interviews at the same time. Without further ado, first up is “5 Minutes with…” (Well, 15 actually) Todd…