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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at eBay Radio Party in Las Vegas

In 2009, a large group of devoted eBay sellers and fans of eBay Radio led by Betsie Bolger decided to meet up in Las Vegas. The 2010 follow-up was a who’s who of eBay community, and a great reminder of eBay’s roots. Between the knowledgeable speakers, the eBay themed painted fingernails, the custom eBay Nike shoes, and the “Griffettes”- ebay Radio’s 7th Anniversary was a party not to miss.

This was my first time attending such an event for eBay. While the crowd had no problem delivering me some tough questions during the eBay panel – I was impressed by how inviting and community minded the crowd was. In just two short days I have made connections that will last for years. And the collective eBay knowledge presented in the room was second to none. Check out this lineup.

Janelle Elms showed sellers how to make Best Match work for them. John “ColderICE” Lawson told sellers how to make their business bigger, badder, and bolder (John’s presentation was quoted multiple times after it was given). Cindy Shebley showed us how to use Facebook for our businesses. Cliff Ennico spoke on tax and legal answers. Marsha Collier spoke on customer service as the new marketing. Melinda Jackson showed sellers how to start and market Bay seller groups. Debbie Levitt spoke on store and listing designs that drive sales. Lynn Dralle covered product sourcing. And Alex Shui, Amanda Thomas, and Griff joined me on an eBay employee panel.

Informative and fun has been one of the unspoken mantras of eBay Radio and eBetsy, Griff and Lee kept the legacy going in grand style.

And on a side note, I want to thank Melinda Jackson and all of the twitter folks for campaigning to get me to the party. Let’s hope I can make it back next year! (Hopefully alongside RBH)

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By Andy Chase



2010-06-26 16:19:03 Reply

Thank you, Andy, for being there to help make the eBay Radio Party a success! Your presence was a huge asset, plus it was just a flat-out pleasure to meet you. Thank you for being part of a terrific eBay panel and for answering the tough questions put to you by our attendees. And above all, thanks for tweeting, Facebooking and especially blogging the event in real time while it was happening! Richard, thank you for letting Andy step in as guest blogger for the eBay Radio Party — he did a fantastic job! We’re so glad you had a good time and really appreciate your positive commentary.

Bev England

2010-06-28 17:21:12 Reply

Soo… Love the videos. You did a great job. Hope to see you again in Chicago!


2010-07-03 14:35:26 Reply

Great post Andy! Thanks for joining us in Vegas for the second annual eBay Radio Party event! Be sure to check out my site to see more photos and videos of the event! http://therivertheranchandthebay.com! What fun!

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